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Dr. Jerry Marlin M.D. F.A.A.N.S. Neurological Surgeon

I wish to thank all referring physicians for trusting me in the care of their patients and family as a neurosurgeon.

I am honored to have this October 2014 national recognition regarding patient care.  After a national patient survey of their physicians by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CNS), I was rated in the 90th percentile in the nation.  The recognition was given for providing outstanding patient care and service. Patients rated their physician's treatment regarding courtesy and respect and listening to them carefully and explaining their clinicial condition in a way they could understand.

I remain honored for being voted for the past two decades in the "D" magazine as one of the best neurosurgeons in Dallas, Texas.

I have performed for years, all operations under a microscope or using minimally invasive brain and spinal surgical techniques.  I perform almost all brain tumor surgery and spinal cord surgery in the Brain Suite using MRI intra-operatively. This is an outstanding specialized stereotactic navigational system.  After performing the third case in the United States and second in this Brain Suite operating room , the benefit of the intra-operative MRI and stereotactic techniques to localize precisely brain or spinal cord lesions remains invaluable for all patients.

I also advocate vertebral motion preservation spinal surgery instead of spinal fusions.  Along with nerve root or spinal cord microscopic decompression, I often recommend newer techniques such as Lumbar spine Co-Flex spinal implants for spinal stenosis.  I find extremely beneficial Cervical Spine Artificial Disc implants using the Medtronic Bryan or Prestige 2 artificial disc implants or cervical disc arthroplasty procedure as commonly performed. 

Intra operative spinal cord or brain cerebral monitoring has been used for over a decade in my surgical procedures offering invaluable safety in your surgical procedure.

The benefits of faster healing and less pain can not be understated with smaller microscopic or minimally invasive surgical procedures.

I appreciate the patience of my old and new patients as I take time to listen to each person.  I try to perform thorough careful examinations when caring for each person, one patient at a time. 

I find that repeat follow up clinical examinations help me understand your problems better. I hope that you as the patient, also find further understanding of your condition and treatment options with the additional consultation.

However I am a conservative neurosurgeon and the majority of patient's referred to me for their degenerative spinal disease and are treated at first medically and with physical therapy and rehabilitation and pain management.

Your initial visit is important and follow up neurological exams are invaluable.  The discussions related to the long term care of your condition are often just as important as the surgical procedure. I strive to improve your outcome after surgery during follow up office visits regarding spinal postural improvement and emphasis on prevention of injury.

After your operation and hospital stay, especially if you have a spinal disorder, teaching you to focus on a better upright posture and proper methods of preventative care and rehabilitation are mandatory.  Patients with spinal disorders need instructions and follow up evaluation of their reconditioning exercise program . Such treatment has a profound beneficial effect and increases the likelihood of an excellent outcome.

Please always bring with you to the office your MRI or CT scan images on a CD.  I will review them with you on the computer using spine and brain models in order to help you better understand your diagnosis and treatment options.

Ask your physician questions related to your health condition and treatment options regarding your illness or cerebral or spinal disease process.  Surgery has risks and benefits that have to be considered and discussed in detail before undergoing any operation.

If you are coming to the office, please first fill out the office questionnaire and insurance forms before your consultation.    (to link to the papers click here)

For a list of commonly performed operations, click here.

Decades ago I developed and maintain a computer based electronic medical record system which is still used to easily access all  possible health information of my patients. 

 The ability to link to the Texas Health Resource hospital based, EPIC medical record software system containing patient's information also has expanded the versatility of this system.  The ability to look at intra-operative photographs from years ago or on Synapse CT and MRI and x-ray images has been at times lifesaving. 

Access to pertinent medical information on national neurosurgery web sites and other medical web sites containing  pharmacy and drug information simultaneously with an office visit has been a wonderful addition to this busy physician's practice.

Please be comforted as the nursing care in the operating room and intensive care units at THR Presbyterian Hospital Dallas remains exceptional.

I hope that my previous patient found  MY OLD MEDICAL WEB SITE helpful in decision making and being well informed regarding surgery and their health.  The web site was created around 1995-1996 when few medical informative web sites existed with comprehensive medical information. 

To read about diseases affecting the spine and brain and see pictures of surgery or CT and MRI scans images of these conditions... please click here.  Information on lumbar and cervical disc herniations, spondylosis and common brain tumors will again soon be available.

Bioethical issues require careful thought and open discussion with the patient and often along with family members. Ask your physician to openly discuss issues such as Do Not Resuscitate or end of life issues with you.  To read about my thoughts on such issues as pain and suffering or discussions about who should be helping to make decisions if you the patient become incompetent or unable to speak or comatose, or when dealing with a terminal illness or end of life issue click here to start your reading and search for Bioethics information




Dallas County Delegate to the Texas Medical Association  


Contact Information:  I like to talk directly to my patients or their family and I do not use E-mail communication in direct patient care. Please send medical records by fax whenever possible.  I strive to maintain a paperless office.

Telephone 214 363 2587
FAX  214 363 6996
Postal address 8220 Walnut Hill Lane Suite 604 Dallas, Texas 75231
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