Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Arthroplasty using the Medtronic Prestige-2 Disc Implant or Bryan system for a single level disc herniation

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (one level or multiple levels) including partial or complete vertebral body resection often using your own vertebral body bone for grafting not allograft

Placement of Medtronic Cervical Spine Venture Plate and Screw System for Anterior Cervical Fusion surgery including disc herniations and cervical spondylosis with or without foraminal or spinal canal stenosis

Lumbar or Cervical Microscopic Discectomy Procedures for a posterior lateral disc herniation, or less frequently found, far lateral disc herniation, both causing radiculopathy or nerve root compression, and other minimally invasive operations such as endoscopic procedures

Lumbar or Cervical Microscopic Laminectomy multiple levels for central canal stenosis and cauda equina compression syndromes and neurogenic claudication 

Co-Flex intraspinous process Implant Surgery for Spinal Canal Stenosis and motion preservatio systems

(Fusion Procedures may be needed in cases of significant Spondylolisthesis or Focal Scoliosis etc..,)

Kyphoplasty for Osteoporotic and Pathological Compression Fractures of the Spine

Lumbar or Cervical Microscopic single level Laminotomy and Medial Facetectomy surgery for Cervical or Lumbar Spondylosis with radiculopathy or nerve root compression due to facet joint arthritis and spinal canal and / or foraminal stenosis

Brain tumor craniotomy procedures using the intra-operative microscope often using intra-operative somato-sensory evoked potential monitoring and motor evoked potential monitoring.  these procedures are usually performed in the THR Brain Suite operating room.

Brain Suite procedures using the Intra-Operative MRI for stereotactic and navigational surgery along with microscopic brain tumor or spinal cord tumor resection. Other Brain Suite procedures may include a Stereotactic Biopsy Procedures or removal of a Third Ventricle Colloid Cyst or third ventriculostomy . The Brain Suite may be used or intra-operative ultrasonography to remove Intracerebral Hematomas

Trans-Sphenoidal Microscopic Pituitary Surgery often in the Brain Suite using the Intra-Operative MRI for pituitary gland tumor resection

Shunt Placement surgery for Hydrocephalus using the Codman Programmable Ventricular to Peritoneal Shunt System.

Trauma and ICU Care including Spinal Surgery or Craniotomy Surgery  for spinal or cranial fractures or intracerebral bleeding or spinal cord injury.

Codman Intracranial Pressure Monitor placement and Cerebral Blood Flow Monitor placement or Ventriculostomy for drainage of Cerebral Spinal Fluid and Control of Intracranial pressure and improvement in Cerebral perfusion pressure and blood flow

Carpal Tunnel Surgery for Median Nerve Compression at the wrist level and palm or Ulnar Nerve Surgery for Ulnar nerve compression at the elbow level or Traumatic Nerve Repair

Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery following a spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage